Ladies 2
Sat 25 Nov 2023  ·  South East Women's Division 1 Invicta
Bromley and Beckenham Hockey Club
Ladies 2
Old Williamsonians 1
Only Smarties have the answer

Only Smarties have the answer

Liz Hawkins27 Nov 2023 - 16:48
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3 - 1 win

There were 2 questions to be answered this week.
1) how many smarties can a person fit in their mouth?
2) Could we win the top of the table clash?

Turning to the second question first then the day started with 2 bonuses, the cross country season was on hold due to the weather, bringing Isla back to the fold, and we could watch the men’s 2s before us, seeing if Noel could put into place his own advice on tackling.

In the game we controlled the possession in the first half, moving the ball well through the backs to create opportunities further up the pitch, but shooting chances were few and far between. Mid way through the first half we won a PC, and no one was more surprised than Liz to see the ball hit the backboard – technically that wasn’t the corner we called but no matter. Attention then switched to our defensive effort with Ruby making a string of very good saves from close range shots and PCs which frustrated OWs.

OW’s had a strong aerial game, and at our attempts at baseball hitting them out of the park were sadly failing, yet the score remained at 1-0 at half time. With OW’s changing their press we initially struggled to control the tempo but a breakthrough from Jemma gave Emily a free shot at the top of the D which she converted. Yet another aerial attempt was poorly handled leading to OWs pulling a goal back. However, Bec smashed in from close range to extend the lead and become the 12th goal scorer for the team in just 9 games. Despite further attempts from both sides the third goal proved crucial in driving possession and we’ve hit the top of the table for the first time this season.

After the game we were able to address the first question – an amazing 64 being the answer, doubling her previous best was Macca, a worthy winner, with Noel in second place looking dangerously close to spontaneously combusting. There are some very organised people in this team, insisting on counting out and separating their colours before we started, as though this was a white wash day and they didn’t want any colours to impact their attempt. However, these tactics did not yield results and unsurprisingly the defence took the victory.

MOM: Ruby
DOD: Emily
Next week: Away at Tunbridge Wells 1pm

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Sat 25 Nov 2023



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South East Women's Division 1 Invicta

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Bromley & Beckenham 2
Old Williamsonians 1
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