Ladies 2
Sat 09 Dec 2023  ·  South East Women's Division 1 Invicta
Bromley and Beckenham Hockey Club
Ladies 2
Sittingbourne 1


Liz Hawkins12 Dec 2023 - 16:08
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4 -1 win

With the rain pouring down we regrouped in our cars, via a Teams call (other platforms are available) for the pre match huddle and discussion of our tactics.
Though we need not have bothered for 2 reasons; the rain duly stopped to allow an above average warmup and no one was listening to the instructions anyway. Possibly they were distracted by thoughts of fancy dress later in the evening – Grace easily winning with her imaginative reworking of Barbican station in our underground themed night. Or they were intrigued by Claire’s later plan for a birthday party featuring pottery and pilates – apparently other key elements of the P theme were not included (e.g. prosecco, party food).

As the game started we were lackadaisical in our possession and basic skills, failing to create any chances with the ball just floating around, seemingly with a mind of it own. Sittingbourne took advantage of this magnetic failure, possibly caused by the low temperatures or decaying properties – a lesson Kat would usually have shared with us. With the opposition able to run through the middle of the field and open the scoring, it was time to snap back to reality because the moment you own it you never let it go (apologies to Eminem).
As we won the first PC of the game, one we clearly weren’t ready for, Kat scored a no look touch to beat the keeper from 5 yards out. With the return of Tammy from her international travels, she was able to score another of her befuddling “is it a cross or a pass?” goals and leave us 2-1 up at half time.

The team talked had a transmogrifying effect on us and we tested out one of our new corners – lets call it the international version – it didn’t work but was actually the best executed PC of the day. Sittingbourne's half court press allowed plenty of opportunities to attack once we started showing some patience.
One of our tried and tested corners, which again went wrong, produced a goal for Claire tipping past the keeper, and Kat then scored with 7 minutes to go, showing why she’s the teams top goal scorer.
A successful first half of the season completed and a useful lesson in how to approach the second half.
Merry Christmas to you all

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Sat 09 Dec 2023




South East Women's Division 1 Invicta

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Bromley & Beckenham 2
Sittingbourne 1
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