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3. Quick Reference - Junior Coaches

Before the season:

All players/parents are

  • registered in Pitchero
  • added to your pitchero team groups
  • invited to your Pitchero Training Sessions
  • have completed the EH participation form
  • have their own equipment (and these are labelled)

You have:
  • all your own equipment - balls, cones, bibs, ladders etc
  • got volunteers to help with hand sanitiser and registers
  • Read the first aid advice -
  • Read all the Covid Guidelines from the club and make sure your whole team knows them. These are available at
  • Sent the guidance to all parents/players

Before the session/planning the session:

  • Has your equipment been sanitised? Balls, cones and bibs washed?
  • Does your First aid include masks, gloves and sanitiser?
  • Have all the players signed the EH participation form (New Joiners have been checked with our Covid Officer?)
  • Remind the group of the start and finish times (5 mins off both) - don’t arrive too early.
  • Remind the group to self-assess before they leave home
  • Make sure your drills don’t have people overly/repeatedly in contact. i.e. 1 on 1 for 30 mins

At the start of a session:

  • Follow the one-way route (enter through the spectator gate) when the pitch is clear
  • Someone to stand at the entrance with hand sanitiser and make sure people sanitise. (Everyone should have their own - but if not you have to give them some.)
  • Put hand sanitiser in front of the Portaloo - make sure the sign is in place

To the Group - ask
  • if everyone self-assessed and that they are all ok to play?
  • if anyone feels unwell - tell them not to play.

To the Group - tell
  • put their kit 2m apart
  • that they need to use hand sanitizer before and after using the loo.
  • to only touch the balls with their sticks
  • to socially distance during breaks in game play / when waiting for a drill
  • no spitting
  • no sharing of water or food

  • Take the register in Pitchero Manager
  • Anyone coming along for the first time / not expected? Get them to sign the EH participation form and verbally confirm this to you.
  • Ask all players to leave the pitch as soon as possible after the game (de-briefs etc to be outside) so we only have the right number of people on the pitch
  • Get everyone to put their equipment on the far side of the pitch away from the spectator area
  • Exit the pitch through the double gates

During the session:

  • When dealing with first aid - the player comes first. Use mask/gloves. If the child’s parent is there and is willing to help - let them. Stay near to advise.

After the session:

Just remember this is a crib sheet not the full guidance. Please make sure you are aware of the full guidance which can be found here